Find me a Ron Paul supporter who is not male, middle class, or white (or an asshole) and I’ll listen to what they have to say.

I hate that timing can play such an important part in the development of a relationship.

For instance, I like this guy right now. And while he likes me, too (at least a little bit), there’s another girl whom he’s been hung up on for over a year.

And while I know there could be a dozen reasons he’s giving me the “I’m not ready for a relationship right now” line, I can’t help but think that it’s at least in part because he’s still hoping to have a relationship with her instead.

And I can’t help but think that if we had met earlier, things would be different.

It’s like the only reason he’s not willing to give us a chance is because I met him too late and he was already taken with someone else. Because of something as completely random and out of my control as timing, I don’t stand a chance.

I feel like he should walk around with a suitcase that has “hung up on someone I can’t have” written on the front in huge letters like in that one baggage episode of “How I Met Your Mother”.

I feel like the term “broken hearted” is vastly underused.

It’s usually used soley in reference to romantic love. But so many other things in life are heart-breaking, too.

Like remembering the old Jewish woman you interviewed for a class a few years ago, and realizing you forgot to send her a Hannukah card, and not even knowing if she’s still alive. That’s heart-breaking.

Or watching someone you care about deeply become jaded and detached and soulless because they’ve been hurt one too many times, and knowing they would find someone worth it all if they just held on for a little bit longer. And mourning the death of the person they used to be. That’s heart-breaking.

Here’s the thing about Seth MacFarlane…

I understand that it’s easy to dislike him and his shows, and acceptable to do so. I get that. But I think a lot of the hate he gets comes from a very common misconception. Because Seth created the idea for “Family Guy”, provides several of the voices and is essentially the face of the show, a lot of people assume he writes every episode, pitches every joke and that every opinion stated on the show is his own. While Seth is credited as a writer of the show, his primary role in it is executive producer and voice actor. In fact, Seth has only ever received top writing credit on two episodes of “Family Guy”. Ever.

He’s a huge fan of both sci-fi and musicals. He’s incredibly smart and funny. He’s a huge advocate of gay rights, and was very involved in the Writers’ Strike. He has an amazing singing voice. He loves whiskey. I simply can’t hate this man. I know people see him as egotistical, and maybe he is. Or maybe I’m biased because he’s a liberal atheist like me and I tend to agree with his viewpoints. But I honestly believe he doesn’t deserve most of the crap he gets. I think he was just a geeky art school student who got the chance to have his dream job, and was lucky enough to become incredibly successful at it.

Man, I have got to stop drinking wine at 2:00 AM. Random soapbox over.